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When one or several of your teeth have fallen out, it is more than just a cosmetic problem — missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift. This may lead to more tension when biting, pain during chewing, or issues when speaking. A dental bridge improves the health and appearance of your mouth by filling in spaces with a false tooth. This tooth is supported by either dental implants, your natural teeth, or a combination of both. At Dental Express, our dentists offer customized bridges made with top-quality materials to help restore your beautiful smile. If you have missing teeth, please schedule a consultation to learn more about treatment options.

Best Candidates

People with missing teeth don't merely have an aesthetic problem — spaces between your smile can have a powerful impact on the health of your mouth. With time, gaps can lead to shifting teeth, which could cause bite problems (underbite, crossbite, overbite) and atrophy of the gums and jawbone. A dental bridge requires the surrounding teeth to be healthy enough to support the restoration so patients should have sufficient jawbone density and gum tissue. To determine if a bridge is the best option, we will examine your gums and jaw during a consultation. Next, we will help you choose the best bridge type, such as an implant-retained bridge, a cantilever, traditional, Maryland bonded, or resin bonded. Also, we will help you select the best materials, including ceramic, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and metal.

What To Expect

To prepare your teeth for the bridge, we file down your supporting teeth to ensure you have enough room for the new bridge. After filing the teeth, we take digital images and dental impressions to create your customized bridge. You will have temporary crowns until your custom bridge is made.

During another appointment and once the permanent dental bridge is ready, we will numb your mouth with local anesthesia. Stronger anesthesia or sedation options may be used if you have any dental anxieties or a strong gag reflex to help keep you calm during the placement. The bridge will either be cemented into place or attached to dental implants. We will carefully adjust the position of the bridge so it fits comfortably in your mouth and is stable.


Once your bridge is in place, you should notice great improvement in the function and appearance of your teeth. You may need a follow-up visit at Dental Express to adjust the fit of your bridge. Our team will show you how to care for your restoration, including the best way to keep it clean and what foods to avoid. It is crucial to regularly clean your bridge and mouth because cavities can still develop underneath the restoration. If you properly care for your bridge, it can last for many years. You need to schedule appointments at Dental Express for your annual dental examination and biannual cleanings. During your dental exam, we will evaluate the health and fit of your dental bridge to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Insurance Coverage

Typically, insurance companies cover part of your expenses for bridges and other dental restorations. Our office will work with your dental insurance company to determine your coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Dental Express offers several methods of payment, including medical financing, which is discussed during your consultation. We will help you select the best bridge type and the best material to meet your budget and needs.

Dental Bridge Restorations

Even if you don't mind the way your smile looks with a missing tooth, it may turn into a bigger problem if you don't seek treatment. Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists to receive more information about bridge restorations. Dental Express is pleased to offer custom dental restorations that can help improve the appearance and health of your smile. Contact one of our San Diego, CA offices to make an appointment.

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