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Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) is the treatment to use when routine cleaning isn’t enough to get the job done. If you're showing signs of gingivitis, SRP is a simple and effective treatment that stops the disease in its tracks and prevents it from worsening. SRP removes built-up tartar and plaque from below the gum line, effectively wiping out gingivitis. Using special tools, one of our dental professionals will clean beneath your gum line and smooth your teeth to avoid further buildup. If you think you have gingivitis or want to learn more about SRP, contact us at any of our locations in San Diego, CA.

Best Candidates

If you’re experiencing gingivitis symptoms, SRP is the perfect way to get rid of it and restore your dental health. If you notice your gums are swollen or sensitive, receding, bleeding easily from brushing or flossing, or you have chronic bad breath, schedule a dental exam as soon as possible. 

At your exam, we’ll measure how deep your gum pockets are. If they’re more than 3mm deep, SRP may be the best course of action. This treatment will help decrease the size of your gum pockets, leaving less room for plaque and bacteria to take hold and discouraging any further gingival development. In its early stages, periodontal disease can be reversed with SRP, which is why keeping up with your regular dental exams and cleanings is so important.

What To Expect

During your treatment, one of our dental professionals will use a special scaling tool to clean out any tartar and plaque hiding beneath your gumline. If you feel you need it, we offer local anesthesia and other sedation options to keep you relaxed and pain-free. Once your gum pockets are clean, we’ll smooth your enamel to prevent any plaque and tartar from taking hold. Based on your dental health after your first treatment, you may need one or more additional SRP treatments to get your gum disease under control and fully restore your smile.


After your SRP treatment, your teeth and gums may be sensitive for a few days. If you used a local anesthetic, you might feel some tingling as it wears off. To get rid of any residual bacteria, we may prescribe antibiotics or an anti-bacterial mouthwash following your treatment. 

As you recover, make sure to do your part at home by brushing twice and flossing once daily. Healthy oral hygiene habits help keep your teeth and gums healthy and disease-free. And scheduling bi-annual dental cleanings and exams will ensure gingivitis has no chance of coming back.

Insurance Coverage

SRP is a standard treatment that's usually partly covered by dental insurance. Before and after your treatment, one of our treatment planners will go over your coverage and personal costs with you and find the best way to maximize your benefits. If you don’t have dental insurance, we’re always willing to work with you to find the best, most affordable option. We accept many different payment methods at Dental Express, including low-interest financing. Building your ideal smile is our mission, and we’re committed to helping you get there in the way that works best for you and your budget.

Scaling and Root Planing

Gingivitis is a harmful disease that gets worse over time and can cause lasting damage if left untreated. If you’re starting to show symptoms, call one of our San Diego locations to set up an exam as soon as possible. SRP treatment at Dental Express is one of the most effective ways to eliminate gingivitis and make your smile healthy again.

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