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Dental cavities are a common problem that develops when bacteria eat away at your enamel. In 2015, the American Dental Association reported that over 27% of adults over 20 years of age had untreated cavities. In the past, dentists treated them with an amalgam material, which is a mixture of metals, like silver or mercury. Now we know that amalgam fillings don't bond fully with the teeth, and the mercury is hazardous to your general health. At Dental Express in San Diego, CA, our dentists offer tooth-colored fillings made with a composite resin to fill and protect cavities. These fillings are a natural-looking way to protect your teeth from decay, improve resistance to fracture, and restore confidence in your smile. We can also take out metal fillings and replace them with composite resin fillings for a more reliable treatment of cavities.

Best Candidates

People who want their fillings to have a more natural look are the best candidates for tooth-colored fillings. This cosmetic procedure is a great option for people who have metal amalgam fillings as well. 

After cleaning out the cavity, our dentists will typically seal the area of decay with a composite resin tooth-colored filling. Composite resin is a versatile material used to correct other problems with your teeth, such as chips or excessive wear on the enamel by bruxism (teeth grinding). Since the material is colored to blend with your teeth, fillings can be placed on the front and back teeth for a great appearance. If you have metal fillings, talk to one of our dentists about getting them removed and replaced with composite resin.

What To Expect

Receiving a filling at Dental Express is a simple process. We realize that procedures like these are unpleasant or scary for some patients, so we do our best to make your experience as comfortable and accommodating as possible. The treatment area is numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize your discomfort. If you have any fears or anxieties, we'll be happy to discuss other sedation methods to keep you relaxed during the procedure. Once you're prepared, the affected enamel is removed using a unique dental drill. We select the drill type based on the cavity's location in the tooth and the level of decay. Once the enamel is cleared away and the tooth disinfected, the area will be replaced with the composite resin material and set. Then we will polish the filling, so it matches your other teeth.


The recovery process for a tooth-colored filling is easy and straightforward. You will be able to return to your day after your filling is done, but you might have some sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures for 1 – 3 days. You may use over-the-counter pain medication to treat any discomfort; however, you shouldn't experience any major problems. If your filling feels high or uneven, please contact us. Your tooth-colored filling should be cleaned by following a regular home care routine with daily brushing and flossing. Although fillings help protect individual teeth from decay, your goal should be to have as little of them as possible. Prevention is the best way to protect your teeth from cavities. 

While they're built to last, fillings eventually need to be replaced. When you return for your annual dental examination, we will check your filling and determine if it should be replaced or repaired. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call. We're here to make every step of your dental health journey as smooth as possible.

Insurance Coverage

Tooth-colored fillings are a standard treatment for cavities that are typically covered by insurance. A member of our team will contact your dental insurance company to determine your exact coverage so we can calculate your out-of-pocket costs. If you do not have dental insurance, we can discuss the payment methods accepted by our office at your consultation, as well as information on medical financing.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Remember, prevention is always the best way to approach tooth decay, but sometimes it can get out of hand. Cavities may start as a normal issue, but it is vital to have them addressed before they become a larger problem. When they do become a problem, tooth-colored fillings are an excellent smile-restoring solution. At our San Diego, CA practice, cavities may be corrected with dental fillings. We make sure to match your teeth' color so you can have a healthy, beautiful smile. If you suspect you or your child has a cavity, contact our office to set up an exam with one of our skilled dentists.

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