african american dentist in san diegoOur ability to restore your natural teeth with dental fillings has improved tremendously in recent history. With access to a wide range of restorative filling materials, we can ensure that a small cavity or enamel defect won’t destroy the strength or the appearance of your smile.


Amalgam fillings, often referred to as ‘silver’ fillings, were once the most frequently-placed dental restoration in dentistry. These fillings weren’t necessarily attractive to the eye, but they were, and continue to be efficient, inexpensive, and incredibly durable. Amalgam fillings are known as an affordable option that offers a very long lifespan.

In light of the incredible advances in dental technology, composite or non-metal fillings are now viable choice in most circumstances. Cosmetically, composite fillings are more attractive than metal restorations, but there are a number of other important factors to consider when choosing this type of restoration with your dentist: the size of the filling, location in the mouth and added out-of-pocket expense as most insurance companies do not pay for tooth-colored fillings in the back of the mouth.


The need for a filling can arise on any surface of any tooth. Some locations, such as the deep grooves in the back molars or the surfaces between the teeth, are particularly vulnerable to cavities. However, fillings can also be placed in the front teeth, along the gum line, and even on the biting edges of the teeth. In honor of our commitment to quality dental care, we are prepared to place a filling wherever the need may arise and we will recommend the restorative material that will produce a healthy and attractive smile that makes sense to your budget. To learn more about dental fillings, contact a member of our team today.