dental care, dentures, partials, san diego caTooth replacement is a high priority in your life for appearance, confidence, and digestive health. Removable prosthetic solutions like dentures and partials are suitable alternatives for patients who are faced with numerous missing teeth.


A complete denture is a single, removable appliance that is fitted for the upper jaw or the lower jaw. This appliance is typically made of an acrylic base or cast metal base and then outfitted with acrylic gum tissue and teeth. Dentures are carefully molded and shaped to fit comfortably against the gum tissue when there are no remaining teeth in the jaw.


A partial denture is a one-piece removable appliance that can be used to replace several missing teeth in the same jaw. A partial denture can replace multiple missing teeth at one time even if they are on opposite sides of the mouth, and this is a significant bonus, especially for patients who may be missing all of the back teeth or only the front teeth. Like dentures, partials can be made from an acrylic or cast metal base and customized with natural-looking gum tissue and artificial teeth.

Your Teeth, Your Choice

Removable appliances such as dentures and partials can be expertly customized to reflect your personality and your preferences. The shape and shade of the teeth and gum tissue can be altered and adjusted to produce the smile that makes you feel like YOU.

Even a perfectly fitting denture or partial can begin to feel or fit differently after some time. This is normal, as the shape of your gums and jawline slowly changes after a prolonged period of tooth loss. When this happens, your artificial teeth can be adjusted and the interior lining of the appliance can be modified to adapt to these subtle changes.

How About Today?

If you have lived with missing teeth for too long, or if you believe that you will need to have your remaining teeth extracted in the near future, why not contact us today to learn more about dentures and partials?