how can I get straighter teeth and a pretty smile

Could Your Smile Be Better? Answer These Four Questions

On Broadway, Little Orphan Annie proudly sang “you’re not completely dressed without a smile.” But what if your smile doesn’t give you a lot to sing about? A good smile is about much more than looking great—straight, white teeth often indicate good oral health. Of course, it’s also a huge boost to self-esteem. Could your smile be better? We’ve compiled this useful quiz, along with some practical tips to help you.

Why Are Americans Obsessed with Straighter, Whiter Teeth?

Why Are Americans Obsessed with Straighter, Whiter Teeth?

If you’ve traveled abroad, you may have heard residents of other countries comment on some American stereotypes. While some are not deserved, one in particular rings true: Americans are obsessed with their teeth. If there’s any doubt, look no further than the perfectly straight, gleaming celebrity smiles beaming from the cover of magazines. See the several factors that cause Americans to be obsessed with keeping their pearly whites pearly white.

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How are Dental Veneers Applied to Teeth?

It’s one of the simplest and most effective ways of creating a winning smile. Veneers are thin, customized, shells that fit over the front of your teeth. This is a very common procedure that can be performed on patients of any age. They’re most effective for creating whiter teeth, as well as correcting ones that are chipped, stained, crooked or broken. Ever wonder how veneers are made and applied? We’ll take you through a step by step process.

Does Whitening Damage Your Tooth's Enamel?

Does Whitening Damage Your Tooth’s Enamel? Three Things You Should Consider

You’ve seen their perfect, pearly smiles gracing the cover of People, Cosmo or other magazines: they are celebrities with flawless hair and brilliant white teeth (granted, they may have had some help from Photoshop). It’s clear that in our culture, whitening has become more popular as a method to make your smile sparkle. There are three main methods of tooth whitening. However, there is one important question: Does whitening damage your enamel? Enamel is the hard outside covering of your tooth that is vital to protect the tooth and prevent cavities. Before answering that question, it’s important to know how the various forms of teeth whitening work.