Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Child’s Dentist


If you have a little one, chances are you’ve heard this word 700 times a day. Children are full of questions, and sometimes adults are too.

We always want our patients to feel free to ask us any questions—we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality dental care for your entire family.

Check out these top ten questions you should ask your child’s dentist. Remember, you can always ask your Dental Express dentist for more detailed information.

childs first cavity

Your Child’s First Cavity: Dr. Casey Tells You What You Need to Know

Maybe it starts with a dull, throbbing pain. Or perhaps your child complains that it hurts when she bites down on something hard or opens her mouth really wide. These are all indications that your child could have a cavity.

Obviously, getting that first cavity filled might create anxiety in your little one; but you can help your child establish a healthy relationship with the dentist — even in these younger years — by taking care of this first cavity in the best way possible.

Our own Dr. Casey provides a few tips for parents.

What’s the Best Toothpaste? 3 Things to Consider

There’s no such thing as simply selecting a tube of toothpaste.

There are dozens of choices on the shelves of your local retail stores. Should you purchase the one with baking soda? What about the brand with whitening power? Or perhaps tartar control would be best? It doesn’t help that you’re bombarded with advertisements online, on television and in magazines. Some of these claims are motivated by marketing departments and not professional dentists.

Don’t worry! We’re here to take a lot of the mystery and confusion out of choosing a good toothpaste. We’ve provided three things to consider before your next shopping trip.

severe tooth pain on top back molars

Why Does My Tooth Hurt? Four Reasons for a Severe Toothache

Severe tooth pain is enough to bring many adults to tears — and it’s even worse for children! There are several things that can cause minor toothaches. However, when the pain is severe, there’s a good chance that you have an infected tooth or a serious problem that requires immediate attention. We’ve outlined four of the most common causes of severe toothaches and a symptom checklist.

how can I get straighter teeth and a pretty smile

Could Your Smile Be Better? Answer These Four Questions

On Broadway, Little Orphan Annie proudly sang “you’re not completely dressed without a smile.” But what if your smile doesn’t give you a lot to sing about? A good smile is about much more than looking great—straight, white teeth often indicate good oral health. Of course, it’s also a huge boost to self-esteem. Could your smile be better? We’ve compiled this useful quiz, along with some practical tips to help you.


Dental Insurance: Use It or Lose It

You’ve had a rough week and want to order take-out. You call the restaurant and clearly ask for a side order of steamed dumplings. The order arrives and you pay the delivery man (or you may have already paid on line through a credit card). You sit down to enjoy your meal after a crazy week at work. What? No dumplings. You’re not only disappointed, but you’re miffed because you’ve PAID for those dumplings. You call the restaurant to be sure they make this right. If you’re that upset over paying for food you didn’t receive, why aren’t you worried over using dental benefits you’ve paid for but not used?

Why Are Americans Obsessed with Straighter, Whiter Teeth?

Why Are Americans Obsessed with Straighter, Whiter Teeth?

If you’ve traveled abroad, you may have heard residents of other countries comment on some American stereotypes. While some are not deserved, one in particular rings true: Americans are obsessed with their teeth. If there’s any doubt, look no further than the perfectly straight, gleaming celebrity smiles beaming from the cover of magazines. See the several factors that cause Americans to be obsessed with keeping their pearly whites pearly white.

Three Things You Need To Know About Dental Fillings

Three Things You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

You’re stronger than you realize. When you chew, your back molars are exerting a force of roughly 70 pounds a square inch. That’s something to think about next time you eat dinner—or accidentally bite your tongue. Now imagine all that force, every day, exerted on your teeth and, in turn, your fillings. It’s no wonder that fillings eventually crack and need to be replaced! Because of their important role in oral health, it’s important to know the following three things about fillings.