Does Whitening Damage Your Tooth's Enamel?

Does Whitening Damage Your Tooth’s Enamel? Three Things You Should Consider

You’ve seen their perfect, pearly smiles gracing the cover of People, Cosmo or other magazines: they are celebrities with flawless hair and brilliant white teeth (granted, they may have had some help from Photoshop). It’s clear that in our culture, whitening has become more popular as a method to make your smile sparkle. There are three main methods of tooth whitening. However, there is one important question: Does whitening damage your enamel? Enamel is the hard outside covering of your tooth that is vital to protect the tooth and prevent cavities. Before answering that question, it’s important to know how the various forms of teeth whitening work.

Three Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Three Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist

Confess: Before you have a dental appointment, you vigorously floss your teeth the night before, even if you haven’t been flossing them regularly. (We hate to break it to you, but the dentist knows about your secret.) Some even brush before the cleaning appointment, determined to make a good impression. The appointment date and time is dutifully marked in the calendar and time is taken off from work. But there’s one thing you’re overlooking: A list of questions to ask your dentist. Don’t see your regular cleaning as just a cleaning. Use this as an opportunity to ask your dentist about how you can keep your mouth healthy year round.