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From Submarines to San Diego – Meet Dr. Jamie

Imagine being in a tiny space underwater for more than 50 days!

That was a regular part of Dr. Jamie Ferguson’s life during his 10-year tenure in the Navy, where he worked in the submarine division as a sonar technician.  A veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm, he joined the Navy when he was 18 years old, and was even on station when Russia fell. During his military career, he completed multiple deployments onboard nuclear-powered fast-attack submarines.

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Meet Dr. Michelle

You can take the dentist out of California, but you can’t take California out of the dentist.

Dr. Michelle is a huge fan of the Golden State. Originally from Redondo Beach, she completed her undergraduate degree from the University of California at San Diego. She received her dental training from the UCLA School of Dentistry.


Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Child’s Dentist


If you have a little one, chances are you’ve heard this word 700 times a day. Children are full of questions, and sometimes adults are too.

We always want our patients to feel free to ask us any questions—we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality dental care for your entire family.

Check out these top ten questions you should ask your child’s dentist. Remember, you can always ask your Dental Express dentist for more detailed information.

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How Early Americans Took Care of Their Teeth

Imagine if, instead of brushing and flossing, you had to fill your mouth with charcoal to clean your teeth. It’s an unappealing thought, yet it was reality for many early Americans who didn’t have the benefit of toothbrushes and toothpaste, let alone family dentistry.

Early Americans — from Native Americans to the Pilgrims to the Founding Fathers — found creative ways to help prevent tooth decay, even if those methods would make us cringe today. They were unpleasant and often ineffective, which explains why so many of these early residents, like our first president, had to have dentures.

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Your Child’s First Cavity: Dr. Casey Tells You What You Need to Know

Maybe it starts with a dull, throbbing pain. Or perhaps your child complains that it hurts when she bites down on something hard or opens her mouth really wide. These are all indications that your child could have a cavity.

Obviously, getting that first cavity filled might create anxiety in your little one; but you can help your child establish a healthy relationship with the dentist — even in these younger years — by taking care of this first cavity in the best way possible.

Our own Dr. Casey provides a few tips for parents.


What’s the Best Toothpaste? 3 Things to Consider

There’s no such thing as simply selecting a tube of toothpaste.

There are dozens of choices on the shelves of your local retail stores. Should you purchase the one with baking soda? What about the brand with whitening power? Or perhaps tartar control would be best? It doesn’t help that you’re bombarded with advertisements online, on television and in magazines. Some of these claims are motivated by marketing departments and not professional dentists.

Don’t worry! We’re here to take a lot of the mystery and confusion out of choosing a good toothpaste. We’ve provided three things to consider before your next shopping trip.

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Should You Pull Your Child’s Tooth?

To pull, or not to pull? For many parents of young children, that is the question.
At first, a loose tooth may only have a slight wiggle. As your child pushes the tooth around with her tongue, it becomes even more flexible — sometimes you may wonder how it is hanging on.
We’ve seen this scenario hundreds of times. In fact, we’ve been through it with our own children! We know how important it is to handle a loose tooth properly because these baby teeth provide a path for permanent teeth to come in correctly.

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Why Does My Tooth Hurt? Four Reasons for a Severe Toothache

Severe tooth pain is enough to bring many adults to tears — and it’s even worse for children! There are several things that can cause minor toothaches. However, when the pain is severe, there’s a good chance that you have an infected tooth or a serious problem that requires immediate attention. We’ve outlined four of the most common causes of severe toothaches and a symptom checklist.